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Why Mastering Your Mind is the Secret to Success

By April 2, 2016 No Comments

Originally published in Carey The Torch, the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business’ blog, on April 1, 2016.

Why Mastering Your Mind is the Secret to Success

By Amita Shukla

“Today an education, even one in specific skills, no longer guarantees a lifelong career.” Industries are being transformed, inventions commoditized, and business models disrupted—all in record time.

We live in a world dominated by interconnected challenges with multiple stakeholders spanning the boundaries of organizations and nations. In fields from education and healthcare to poverty, peace, and the environment, our traditional domains of knowledge and expertise often fall short of creating enduring solutions for transformation.

Thus, the success of future leaders, managers and innovators will depend less on the acquisition of specific skills and more on their mastery of mindsets that allow them to rapidly adapt to change, creatively tackle complex challenges, and boldly chart the futures of companies, markets, and nations. And, this is something we can each learn.

“The potential to transform how we use our mind rests not in a few ‘gifted’ minds but in how we each use our own. The power to attain our highest potential is within each of us…. And, the sooner we master our mind, the more we can use its powers in our lifetime to conquer challenges and realize dreams…. Because, those who learn to harness the power of their mind do more than transform their lives—they change the world.”

How well do you know your mind? Take the Mind Quiz to find out.

*Words in quotes reprinted with permission from Enduring Edge.

Join us on April 4th at 4:45 pm in Harbor East or April 5th at 12:15 pm in Washington, DC to hear Amita Shukla speak about Mastering Your Mind for Success. Carey students, register for the event through your Carey Compass account. Shukla will present a simple new framework on the mind, which students can directly apply to transform how they use their own. Shukla introduces the three states of mind in which we think and describes why “true intelligence rests not in mastering any one state but in balancing how we use all three.” Through research-based stories and interactive exercises students will gain deeper insights into how they think and attain a practical new tool for unlocking the potential of their mind and transforming their careers, lives, and the world.