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Enduring EdgeInspiration

“Print” Your Life

By December 19, 2014 No Comments

As we reflect on the year that was, and ponder the potential of the one to come, I’m sharing a few words from the ending of Enduring Edge:

“Many of us live our lives in perpetual ‘draft’ mode. We keep making edits, improving this, tweaking that, until we have the perfect masterpiece. Then we plan to finally hit the “print” button on our lives and present our best version to the world. Yet our life is a book that gets published each moment, each hour, each day. Each day becomes a printed page. We may change our perception of it, but the page has been printed.

So, the only choice we have is to put our best words on the page. Our best words are not the longest or most complicated ones that showcase our mastery of vocabulary. The best words we can offer our life and the world are ones that emerge from our authentic voice. That way, rather than getting distracted by the mechanics of words, or of life, we can live their meaning.

As any writer knows, such words come to us in moments of grace. All we have to do is start “writing” the truths of our hearts into the world every moment—thought by thought, word by word, and act by act. Within those truths rest answers to the deepest questions we ask ourselves, each other, and the world. In them is the meaning of life.

Although we do not know when and where the stories of our lives will end, we can each ensure that when they do, we have a happy ending and a story worth retelling. Life is too precious and powerful not to do something that shakes the world a little.”

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best for the year ahead!

Warm Regards,