Dive deeper into your mind by taking the 30-item Non-Attachment Scale (NAS). It takes 5 minutes or less to complete. Non-attachment traits correlate to a 3D state of mind. Click the button to begin and learn more about the scale below.

“Non-attachment is a subjective quality characterized by a relative absence of fixation on ideas, images, or sensory objects, as well as an absence of internal pressure to get, hold, avoid, or change circumstances or experiences. The non-attached state of mind is equanimous, flexible, and receptive. This is in contrast to a grasping, anxious, needy, or rigid state of mind. Notably, the concept of non-attachment is related to secure attachment in Western psychological terms (e.g., closeness, allowing others to be as they are, without manipulation, neediness, or judgment) (Sahdra, Shaver, & Brown, in press). Across several studies, the NAS has shown excellent psychometric properties…. Correlational studies have show that the NAS taps a unique quality of consciousness that is related to a variety of cognitive, emotion regulation, interpersonal, well-being, and mental health phenomena.”

The description above and the Non-Attachment Scale are attributed to: Sahdra, B. K., Shaver, P. R., & Brown, K. W. A scale to measure non-attachment. Journal of Personality Assessment. 2010 Mar; 92(2):116-27.