The 45 mantra cards in this box consist of three sets of 15 color-coded cards, each focused on one state of mind: 1D, 2D, or 3D. Each set is designed to harness the strengths and conquer the weaknesses of that state. Each card has a mantra on one side and a brief description and practice on the other side.

Mind Tool Box: Powerful Mantras to Unlock the Mind’s Potential (Made in USA)

From ancient to modern times, leaders, coaches, CEOs and generals alike have used mantras to train and unleash the power of the mind. The Mind Tool Box consists of 45 mantra cards, inspired by the concepts of Enduring Edge, and designed to transform how you think.

The word “mantra” traces its origins back thousands of years to the Sanskrit terms “man–” meaning “mind” and “–tra” meaning “instrument or tool.” A mantra is literally a mind tool. Deceptively simple, a mantra, when memorized, repeated and internalized, has an enduring impact on our thoughts.

Today this is backed by neuroscience: Neurons that fire together, wire together. Thoughts that are repeated and reinforced become stronger and, like muscles, can be trained. Mantras hold the power to transform not just how we think but also how we change—our lives, work and the world.

Familiarity with Enduring Edge is not required to use these cards. The box contains summary cards for the three states of mind.


We love how you are using the cards. Share your ideas with us and we may include them here:

  • As a gift for colleagues, family, and friends
  • As a daily morning practice
  • To kick-off New Year’s resolutions
  • As a lunch pack surprise
  • As a “prescription” for patients
  • To start off meetings
  • As a team-building tool at retreats and workshops


I have decided to choose one [card] per day and to make it my motto/mantra/thought for the day... there is so much wisdom, knowledge and practical sense packed into these golden nuggets of thoughts.

Retired English Professor