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Writing United Mind and Enduring Edge has been a passion project in the truest sense of the word. I put Enduring Edge into the world with the intent of sharing its ideas with family, friends, and colleagues. From there it took on a life of its own as you wove its ideas into your minds to lead transformation in your lives, communities, and the world. Those stories of impact, alongside my own continued explorations into the mind, inspired United Mind. If you have not read Enduring Edge, I suggest starting with United Mind, which is a standalone work that delves deeper into the same concepts (on the 1D, 2D, and 3D minds). I remain hopeful that if these words serve even just one mind, which may then serve another, perhaps, mind by mind, we can heal and transform our world together.


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Published January 2022

United Mind: Rethinking How We Lead Our Lives, Work Together, and Change Our World

This is a guide for our times. In a world where we are drowning in data yet hungry for wisdom, moving ever faster yet confused where we are headed, and feeling divided yet longing for connection, this is a call to pause. It is an invitation to turn our attention from the challenges of our lives, work, and world to the space where our answers and solutions reside—our own mind.

United Mind leads you on an inward journey guided by a simple concept: Most of our thoughts emerge in three basic states of mind that drive our doing, thinking, and being. When we don’t know how these states run our mind, it can feel like a space divided against itself and lead to the many challenges and struggles we face. When these states unite in harmony, we gain clarity and wisdom to creatively rethink how we lead our lives, work together, and change our world.

This book is for any mind curious about itself. It builds on concepts first shared in Enduring Edge: Transforming How We Think, Create and Change (yet assumes no familiarity with that book). United Mind reflects the stories and experiences of readers, audiences, and students who played with the concept of the three states to transform their own minds and lives. It offers simple practices and practical insights to help us unlock our mind’s limitless talents and transcend its limiting traps. Ultimately, it leads us to realize that everything we experience—within and in the world—reflects our state of mind.

One of my favorite books -- I have a hop in my step and love in my heart after reading this book, as it is very uplifting. Amita is a gifted, beautiful writer and this book is a joy to read. Her concepts ground you in a new perspective on life and love, what is real and what is not real, and how to understand and master your mind. It serves as a meaningful guide for necessary reflection and awareness of your thoughts, across all facets of life -- I will re-read this book again and again. The ideas and concepts are simple yet profound, and a perfect framework for those both new to spirituality or trying to connect spirituality to everyday life and challenges. The images throughout the book help clarify the concepts and are fun. I have gifted this book to my closest friends and family.

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Also available internationally through Amazon (see links here) and everywhere books are sold (such as, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Porchlight Books and Hudson Booksellers).


Published October 2014

Enduring Edge: Transforming How We Think, Create and Change

To lead transformation and innovation—in our lives, communities, organizations, and the world—what matters is not what we think but how we think.

With this provocative premise, Enduring Edge takes readers on a powerful journey into their mind. Grounded in deep, multi-disciplinary research, the book weaves engaging stories with practical insights to master and unlock the mind’s potential.

It introduces the 1D 2D 3D Mind framework, which describes the three states of mind in which we think and reveals how we can harness the strengths and conquer the weaknesses of each state to gain an enduring edge over our mind.

Readers and audiences around the world—from innovators, entrepreneurs, and students, to leaders in industry, academia, and government—have applied its insights to spark creativity and innovation, solve complex challenges, and transform how they lead change—in their work, lives, and the world. (The essence of power of this impact is described and discussed in United Mind.)

Your book is truly one of the best books I’ve ever read… I think it reflects a level of wisdom and holistic understanding that few people ever achieve in life, and it is a remarkable gift for anyone (like me) who seeks to deepen their understanding of their time and purpose in this world. I wholeheartedly agree with just about everything you wrote. Although I have encountered many of the same truths in earlier readings or contemplation I think it is rare to see such expansive wisdom teachings expressed so concisely and organized so brilliantly in a modern work. Your writing is elegant and exquisite and at times poetic, and extremely concise for what it covers – which could be written in volumes. If I had to pick just a few books to give my son in his adolescent years or later when trying to figure out his life’s journey, yours would definitely be one of them… I think you’ve written a classic and I hope over time the world will regard it as such so that millions of people may benefit from its wisdom.

Lawyer, San Francisco, CAReview of Enduring Edge