Enduring Edge: Transforming How We Think, Create and Change

Enduring Edge takes readers on a powerful journey into their mind. Grounded in deep, multi-disciplinary research, the book weaves engaging stories with practical insights to master and unlock the mind’s potential.

It introduces the 1D 2D 3D Mind framework, which describes the three states of mind in which we think and reveals how we can harness the strengths and conquer the weaknesses of each state to gain an enduring edge over our mind.

Readers and audiences around the world—from innovators, entrepreneurs, and students, to leaders in industry, academia, and government—have applied its insights to spark creativity and innovation, solve complex challenges, and transform how they lead change—in their work, lives, and the world.


TALKS: See a list of Amita’s invited lectures, keynotes, and workshops inspired by Enduring Edge.
LEADERSHIP: Required textbook for a Johns Hopkins University Masters degree course on “Leading Change in Biotechnology” since publication. Amita served as a guest lecturer from Spring 2014 – Spring 2018 and was invited to teach the entire semester-long course in the Fall 2018.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Amita served as the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy’s inaugural Pharmapreneur-in-Residence. In this role, she delivered frequent lectures on the 1D 2D 3D Mind framework to the School’s leadership, faculty, and students. Learn more.
TRANSFORMATION: Included in curriculum for Johns Hopkins Medicine Tech Innovation Center HEXCITE (Health | Experiential | Clinical | IT | Entrepreneurship) Initiative, which engages “world-class scientists and clinicians in an inter-disciplinary community to re-imagine healthcare.” Amita served as faculty.
INNOVATION: Presented at the THNK School for Creative Leadership in Vancouver, Canada which invited Amita as a Speaker for its Forum, in which “experts who are at the top of their game, and those who are pioneering or disrupting their fields” spend an “evening with THNK participants in an interactive setting.”
WORK, LIFE, WORLD: Readers have shared countless stories of how Enduring Edge inspired them to dream bigger, nurture creativity, shift perspective, harness passion, focus on values, change jobs, transform relationships, beat stress, quit ADHD medication, and lead more authentic lives. See reviews on Amazon and testimonials below.


One of the best books I’ve ever read!... The book’s scope is much broader than the mind itself. It inspires and guides each of us toward our highest human potential. In essence I feel this is a book of great life wisdom...it is rare to see such expansive and insightful teachings expressed so concisely (200+ pages), organized so brilliantly, and expressed with such clarity and elegance in a modern work... I have a young son, and if I had to pick just a few books to share with him in his adolescent years or later when trying to understand himself and chart his life’s journey, this would definitely be one of them. I think Shukla has written a classic, and I hope over time the world will regard it as such so that millions of people may benefit from its wisdom.

Lawyer, San Francisco, CA

Thank you for such a profound and insightful guide to the inner workings of my mind... [I] can hardly put it down to get some work done. You have given me a whole new level of clarity to my personal journey of becoming the best person I was meant to be, so thank you for your curiosity, persistence and drive to not only learn and discover this information but to share with others.

Healthcare Industry Leader

The framework (1/2/3 D) helps to quickly realize why somebody (or self) is responding in a certain way and gives the opportunity to consciously shift to a higher dimension. Great book with immense practical application in our daily life.

Physician, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

The book changed my life. I don't say that lightly... that's combined with multiple conversations with Amita.... The book was incredibly helpful for defining and then outlining the different states of mind. This is huge. In particular, it made me aware of when I was in a 1D state of mind (usually fear), and when it might be helpful to leave the 2D state of mind (for a decision, when I'd done the analysis).

Innovation Consultant, San Francisco, CA

I started reading it and find that it is like talking to my best, learned friend... cannot thank you enough for your brilliant work, which has my mind feeling very enlarged... I am learning and changing as I go. It is a wonderful book and you have made a huge contribution in general to understanding human nature and our elusive "mind."

Development Professional, Washington, DC

I found this book very enlightening and thought-provoking. Within the first week of reading [it], I did find myself using what I learned both in a personal relationship and in a business workshop. In each case, it absolutely came across, created better clarity and had positive results.

Insurance Industry Executive

Your time with us has been invaluable in furthering the conversation to what true leadership is and means. By searching within ourselves throughout this course, and especially as we begin to consider our different states of mind and how to harness that, we are all becoming more engaged and informed about our true selves and what we believe and value.

Professor, "Leading Change" course at Johns HopkinsEnduring Edge is a required textbook for the class
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