Innovation. Disruption. Transformation.

All change—whether in a person, organization or nation—begins in the mind. Creative solutions to challenges, new innovations and movements, and lasting behavior and culture change are all sparked by a shift—not in “what” we think but in “how” we think.

Transforming how we think gives us an enduring edge in how we transform ideas into impact, succeed through failure, and lead change, and discover passion, purpose, and meaning.

Our mission is to empower minds to unleash their potential.

A few years ago we created a simple, new framework to do just that. Stories of its impact humble and inspire us daily. For, we are learning, as we hope you do too, that:

“Those who learn to harness the power of their mind do more than transform their lives—they change the world.” –Enduring Edge

We create transformative innovations:

A Powerful Framework

The 1D 2D 3D Mind framework is a simple way to learn about the three states of mind that drive our mindset. By learning to harness the strengths and conquer the weaknesses of each state, we gain an enduring edge over our mind.


A Mind-Changing Book

Enduring Edge takes readers on a journey into their mind. Weaving engaging stories with practical insights, the book introduces the 1D 2D 3D Mind framework and its power to transform how we think, create and change.


Inspiring Talks

From audiences of innovators and entrepreneurs to leaders in industry, academia and government, and students from high school to grad school, Amita’s sought-after talks inspire minds of all ages to harness their potential.


A Practical Toolbox

Just as each mind is unique, so are the paths to unlocking its potential. We have created the Mind Tool Box to offer simple, powerful tools to harness the strengths and conquer the weaknesses of the 1D, 2D and 3D minds.


Amita is one of those courageous pioneers that we talk about when we think about how to envision a better future. Someone who has applied her passion and purpose in incredibly creative ways, someone who is searching for true societal impact, and has found a way to translate that in words—written and verbal… into new frameworks for understanding how we can lead and create.

Sarah Dickinson, Co-Founder, THNK School of Creative Leadership, Vancouver

When Ms. Shukla appeared as a guest teacher, it was magic. Often blasé students engaged 100%, more than every class combined for the entire year! Not only did they engage with Ms. Shukla as she taught her theory of the mind, they understood. Tears flowed. I wish all students could access Ms. Shukla's theories of the mind. This knowledge gave my students new tools to challenge the world, new ways of thinking about their everyday problems. Ms. Shukla is truly a genius, and her theories deserve your attention.

J. Tyler, Teacher, Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Washington, DC

One of the best books I’ve ever read! …The book’s scope is much broader than the mind itself. It inspires and guides each of us toward our highest human potential… it is rare to see such expansive and insightful teachings expressed so concisely (200+ pages), organized so brilliantly, and expressed with such clarity and elegance in a modern work… Shukla has written a classic, and I hope over time the world will regard it as such so that millions of people may benefit from its wisdom.

Amazon Review (Lawyer, San Francisco, CA)