“Those who learn to harness the power of their mind do more than transform their lives—they change the world.”  –Enduring Edge

Emerging from years of multi-disciplinary research, Enduring Edge presents a powerful new framework on the mind to transform how we think, create and change.

Weaving engaging stories with practical insights, it introduces the 3 states of mind in which we lead our lives—1D, 2D and 3D—and describes how we can master the strengths and conquer the weaknesses of each state to attain an enduring edge over our mind.

Readers around the world, from innovators and entrepreneurs to leaders across diverse fields, have applied it to spark creativity, harness innovation, transcend failure, and transform how they change and lead—their lives, careers, communities, and the world.

Amita “is one of those courageous pioneers that we talk about when we think about how to envision a better future. Someone who has applied her passion and purpose in incredibly creative ways, someone who is searching for true societal impact, and has found a way to translate that in words—written and verbal… into new frameworks for understanding how we can lead and create.”

Sarah Dickinson, Co-Founder, THNK School of Creative Leadership, Vancouver

Amita Shukla

AMITA SHUKLA is an innovator and entrepreneur focused on creating and scaling transformative innovations for human health, well-being, and potential. She is the founder and CEO of Vitamita and the author of Enduring Edge. Shukla regularly advises companies and organizations and speaks to audiences of innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders in industry, academia and government. She holds a BA in biochemistry from Harvard, an MBA from Stanford and 10 patents. Learn more here.

“When Ms. Shukla appeared as a guest teacher, it was magic… I wish all students could access Ms. Shukla’s theories of the mind. This knowledge gave my students new tools to challenge the world, new ways of thinking about their everyday problems. Ms. Shukla is truly a genius, and her theories deserve your attention.”

–J. Tyler, Teacher, Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Washington, DC


"A phenomenal book that goes deeper into understanding instinct, intellect, and intuition. Rather than simply providing an explanation, Shukla goes deeper into really understanding how we can harness the power of all three... highly recommended for anyone who wants to harness their mind in a new direction - to take on challenges that are seemingly insurmountable."

− Amazon Review

"Excellent book that completely shifted my perspective on how thinking influences our daily lives. Kudos to Shukla for her engaging voice and thoughtful writing style (and that she packed so much information into a relatively slim volume). I find that I keep referring back to parts of the book even after I finished. Inspiring and a great read."

− Amazon Review

"I think your book is truly one of the best books I’ve ever read... it reflects a level of wisdom and holistic understanding that few people ever achieve in life... your writing is elegant and exquisite and at times poetic, and extremely concise for what it covers – which could be written in volumes... I think you’ve written a classic and I hope over time the world will regard it as such so that millions of people may benefit from its wisdom."

− Letter from a Reader