Growth. Innovation. Transformation.

All change—whether in an individual, a team, or an organization—begins in the mind. Creative solutions to challenges, trailblazing innovations and movements, and lasting behavior and culture change all start with a shift—not in “what” we think, but in “how” we think.

We empower minds to unlock their potential.

We created the 1D 2D 3D Mind framework to train minds to transform how they think, create and change. Through the years, it has guided innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents to master their minds to lead enduring success. Stories of its impact humble and inspire us every day. For, we are learning, as we hope you do too, that:

“Those who learn to harness the power of their mind do more than transform their lives—they change the world.”

Enduring Edge


Powerful Framework

The 1D 2D 3D Mind framework empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to lead enduring change

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Mind-Changing Book

Enduring Edge: Transforming How We Think, Create and Change describes how to apply the framework

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Inspirational Talks

Amita’s talks, keynotes, and workshops motivate and inspire innovators, entrepreneurs, change agents, and leaders

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Practical Tool Box

Mind Tool Box: Powerful Mantras to Unlock the Mind’s Potential offers simple “thought” tools to master the framework

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Amita is one of those courageous pioneers that we talk about when we think about how to envision a better future. Someone who has applied her passion and purpose in incredibly creative ways, someone who is searching for true societal impact, and has found a way to translate that in words—written and verbal… into new frameworks for understanding how we can lead and create.

Sarah Dickinson, Co-Founder, THNK School of Creative Leadership, Vancouver

Thank you for bringing in Amita – this has been my favorite topic/ week across all the courses I have taken at Johns Hopkins! She is truly an inspiration.

Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins course on "Leading Change"

I can’t thank you enough for being part of this class.... Your words have helped me understand that true leadership isn’t limited to the office or laboratory – but rather a life choice and always with us.

Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins course on "Leading Change"


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