Our mind is the most powerful and mysterious force we encounter in our lifetime.

Yet, we often use our mind in limited ways and assume that is as good as it gets. Or, we struggle to transcend its traps and unlock its limitless potential.

Vitamita was founded in 2012 to change that. Vita means “life” in Latin and amita means “without limits” in Sanskrit. Vitamita envisions a world where every mind realizes its potential.

Over the last decade, we have studied and distilled timeless knowledge on the mind into a simple framework that anyone can apply to master their mind. This work is shared in the book, United Mind: Rethinking How We Lead Our Lives, Work Together, and Change Our World. As we transform our mind, we gain greater inner peace and resilience, live with more purpose and joy, and access deeper creativity and wisdom.

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Amita is one of those courageous pioneers that we talk about when we think about how to envision a better future. Someone who has applied her passion and purpose in incredibly creative ways, someone who is searching for true societal impact, and has found a way to translate that in words—written and verbal… into new frameworks for understanding how we can lead and create.

Sarah DickinsonCo-Founder, THNK School of Creative Leadership, Vancouver